Production No. 155

Famílias (Families)


There are many families and for all tastes. There are small, large, fun, boring, inseparable, separated, traditional, revolutionary families.

In every family there are traditions, important objects, precious photographs, things we love and others that irritate us.

There are the new ones, the old ones, those in the middle, those close by, those far away, those who are no longer here and they all have their place and their function.

There is the family that brought us luck (or bad luck, because it also happens), there are those that adopt us and those that we choose.

There will be much more to discover, but for now we have one certainty: all families are special and none are perfect.

There are families who read stories.

Our suggestions:

Três com Tango, Justin Richardson, Peter Parnell e Henry Cole, Kalandraka

Mana, Joana Estrela, Planeta Tangerina

A manta do José, Miguel Gouveia e Raquel Catalina, Bruaá Editora

Eu Ponho-te Bom, disse o Urso, Janosch, Kalandraka

Gaston, Christian Robinson e Kelly Dipucchio, Gatafunho

Pergunta ao teu Pai, Davide Cali e Noemi Vola, Bruaá Editora

O Rosto da Avó, Simona Ciraolo, Orfeu Negro

A Avó Lá de Cima e Avó Lá de Baixo, de Tomie Depaola, Kalandraka

O Rapaz e o Gorila, Jackie Azúa Kramer e Cindy Derby, Orfeu Negro 

The Cast

Ana Valente

In 2012, he completed the professional Interpretation course at the Jobra Conservatory.

In the same year he participated in the show "JOANE" by the company VOADORA.

In 2015 he participated in the show "Romantic play for a closed theater" by Tiago Rodrigues, an independent collective production.

In the same year he completed his degree in Theater, Actors branch, at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema.

In 2016 he completed a professional internship at TNDM II, where he took part in several shows such as "Ifigénia, Agamemnon, Electra" by Tiago Rodrigues; "Boca Aberta" by Catarina Requeijo; "The twelve pairs of France" by João Pedro Vaz; "Scottish Visit" by Miguel Fragata and Inês Barahona. She also worked with Alex Cassal, Tónan Quito, Paula Diogo, Faustin Linyekula, among others.

In 2017 he participated in "MARCHA INVENCÍVEL", a show by OS POSSESSOS, staged by João Pedro Mamede.

In 2018 he took part in the shows "Finado – Primeira Parte" and "Finado – Segunda Parte" by Mário Coelho.

In the same year he also participated in the shows "Prosopopeia" by Pedro Baptista and "Youth" by Leonardo Garibaldi.

In 2018/2019 he took part in the show "Mesa" by Catarina Requeijo, a Comédias do Minho production.

In 2019 he participated in the show "A Gaivota" by Pedro Baptista.

In the same year he also participated in the shows "It's difficult for me to dance" and "Fuck me gently!" by Mário Coelho.

In 2020 he took part in the show "Lisístrata" directed by Luís Lobão.

In 2021 he takes part in the show "Quem vai ao mar" by Catarina Requeijo.

In 2022 he takes part in the show "O Inferno" staged by TapaFuros.

Anna Leppänen

Francisco Lima

Born in Vila Nova de Famalicão. She completed the acting course at the Academia Contemporânea do Espetáculo de Famalicão. He made his debut with “Coro dos Maus Estudantes” by Tiago Rodrigues, in a production by Jorge Pinto with production by the Academia Contemporânea do Espetáculo de Famalicão and Casa das Artes de Famalicão, having also participated in other projects such as “Miséria” based on 15 scenes from “Terror and Misery of the Third Reich” by Bertolt Brecht staged by Manuel Tur, “Women” based on 3 works by William Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Macbeth) staged by João Paulo Costa, Street Theater staged by Paulo Calatré, “Tartufo” by Molière directed by Miguel Eloy and “Amor Português” directed by Emília Silvestre. He also performed “Finder”, a musical theater, directed by Ana Celeste Ferreira and João Castro, and “Fronteira” (poetry/musical) directed by Pedro Lamares. She recorded the short film “ Eles Comem Tudo ” with director Nuno Rocha. He made his professional debut with “Quarteto para o end dos tempos”, a production by Jorge Pinto and co-produced by Ensemble - Sociedade de Actors. He worked with the company Cão Danado and in that context he worked with the French director, Pascal Luneau, and did an artistic residency directed by Davis Freeman. He recently starred in a show “But someone asked me if I wanted to go to the theater?!”, directed by Ricardo Simões. He also recorded a short film with Lightbox, “ULTRA”, directed by João Lourenço, and “CAIR” directed by Vasco André dos Santos. He worked as an interpreter and assistant director in "Vivo ? Morta" directed by Jorge Pinto, with the structure Ensemble - Sociedade de Actores, having also assisted in "Próspero" directed by Pedro Galiza. She starred in the show "Estultos" directed by Joana Sarabando and Nádia Matos, at Teatro Gil Vicente de Barcelos. Recently, he appeared in a TV show, with RTP and directed by Ana Sampaio and Maia, "A Família". 

 The Creators

Catarina Requeijo


Born in 1973, in Angola. She has completed an actor training course at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema.

He began his theatrical career in 1990 at TEUC (Student Theater of the University of Coimbra). As an actress, she worked professionally with Konrad Zschiedrich, Luís Castro, Tiago Rodrigues, Luís Miguel Cintra, Luís Gaspar, Nuno Cardoso, Marcos Barbosa, Madalena Vitorino, Jorge Andrade, António Pires, Cristina Carvalhal, Miguel Moreira, Giacomo Scalisi and Joaquim Horta.

He staged the show Sagrada Família (co-production Culturgest and Teatro Viriato, 2010). For children, he staged and performed Amarelo, (co-production Maria Matos Teatro Municipal, Centro Cultural Vila Flor e Truta-Associação, 2011) and A Grande Corrida, (Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian and Agecop, 2012), Muita Tralha Pouca Tralha (Teatro Maria Matos) and There are no two without three (Lu.Ca, 2022) He staged the show MESA (co-production Comédias do Minho,materials Diverse and LU.CA - Teatro Luís de Camões) and É p'ró boy e p'rá girl (co- production Formiga Atómica, São Luiz-Teatro Municipal, Centro de Artes de Ovar, Cine Teatro Louletano and Centro Cultural Vila Flor).

She participated as an actress in several series and short films. Since 2000, when he began collaborating with Madalena Vitorino at the CCB's CPA (Center for Pedagogy and Animation), he has developed various content for children and youth in several institutions, including Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Teatro Maria Matos, Comédias do Minho, Artemrede. Since 2015, she has been responsible for the Boca Aberta project, produced by TNDM II, aimed at pre-school audiences.

Ana Limpinho

Scenography and Costumes

Bachelor's Degree in Visual Performance from the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, 1999; Degree in Scene Design from ESTC, 2008.

As a scenographer and/or costume designer, she collaborated with the companies Teatro do Montemuro (staged by Graeme Pulleyn, Abel Duarte, Abel Neves, Paulo Duarte, Peter Cann, Gil Nave, Steve Johnstone, Naomi Cooke and José Carretas), Teatro Meridional (staged by Miguel Seabra) and Comédias do Minho (staged by João Pedro Vaz and Tânia Almeida) and with directors André Amálio, Catarina Requeijo, Cláudia Chéu, Cristina Carvalhal, Francisco Salgado, Gonçalo Amorim, Hugo Sovelas, Joana Furtado, Jorge Listopad, Luís Gaspar, Luís Godinho, Luca Aprea, Nuno Nunes, Maria João Miguel, Miguel Sopas, Paulo Pinto, Pedro Lacerda, Rute Rocha, Sónia Aragão, Sónia Barbosa and Tonan Quito.

Scenographic implementation for contemporary photography exhibition projects in public spaces Ente Margens – O Douro em Imagens, developed in the Douro Region from 2011 to 2013, and Flâneur – Novas Narrativas Urbanas, developed in eleven European cities from 2015 to 2017, artistic direction by Nuno Ricou Salgado/ Coordination of the assembly of the Parallel Review photography exhibition, a project held in Lisbon in 2019. 

Nuno Almeida

Light Designer

Adriel Filipe

Sound Design

Born in 1993 in Brazil. She was a child photography and catwalk model. Arrived in Portugal in April 2009, he took the Sociocultural Animation Technician Course at Escola Secundária de Monserrate, Viana do Castelo, which he completed in 2012. In 2010 he joined the cast of an amateur theater group in Santa Marta de Portuzelo (Grupo Parnassus ) and participated in several theatrical initiatives and projects on an amateur or independent basis. He made his professional debut at Teatro do Noroeste-CDV in 2011, in the show "Ecos Verdes", by Castro Guedes. In 2012, he participated in a Theater Masterclass with the actor João Grosso, as well as later, he took other training in acting, with Pedro Giestas and Guilhermo Heras. He participated in several editions of the Summer School for Actors, with trainers Guilhermo Heras, João Mota, Olga Roriz, Alexandra Moreira da Silva, Isabel Barros, João Henriques, Teresa Lima, Ricardo Simões, Nuno Cardoso, Antonio Simón, among others . He was part of the resident cast of Teatro do Noroeste-CDV between January 2014 and December 2019, having participated in the shows “João e o Pé de Feijão”, “A Vida Trágica de Carlota, a Filha da Engomadeira”, “O Gato das Botas ", "Viva o Casamento", "Pinocchio" and "Perdição", by Fernando Gomes; "Little Desolate Pieces" and "Blood Wedding", by Guilhermo Heras; "Anjo Branco" and "(I)migrantes", by Graeme Pulleyn; “A Estalajadeira” and “A Noite” by Ricardo Simõers, among other productions by the Company until 2018/2019. Since 2020, due to a challenge from the Artistic Director, he has mainly held the role of Executive Producer, being in charge of organizing, implementation and monitoring of the Company's creation, reception and circulation processes, including and with emphasis on the Viana do Castelo Theater Festival; as well as the maintenance and coordination between the Company's workspaces, reporting to the Management Advisory, the Artistic Direction and to the Management of Teatro do Noroeste - Centro Dramático de Viana. 

"Famílias" premieres at Teatro do Noroeste in Viana do Castelo

Teatro do Noroeste – Centro Dramático de Viana premieres Famílias, a show for children, directed by Catarina Requeijo, this Saturday, September 30th, at 5pm, in the Experimental Room of Teatro Municipal Sá de Miranda, in Viana do Castelo.

In this show, three actors and a dynamic scenario show us that there are many families and for all tastes, such as “small, big, fun, boring, inseparable, separated, traditional, revolutionary. There are the new ones, the old ones, those in the middle, those close by, those far away, those who are no longer here and they all have their place and their function. There will be much more to discover, but for now we have one certainty: all families are special and none are perfect” reveals the statement.

With interpretation by Ana Valente, Anna Leppänen, Francisco Lima, scenography and costumes by Ana Limpinho, lighting design by Nuno Almeida and sound design by Adriel Filipe, Famílias will have two sessions at Teatro Municipal Sá de Miranda, on September 30th and October 5th , at 5pm.

From the 2nd to the 27th of October, this exhibition is on free circulation in public pre-school establishments in the municipality of Viana do Castelo, for a universe of more than 1000 children, within the scope of the Teatro Escolar do Serviços Educativo project of the Viana company. , under the cultural protocol established with the Viana do Castelo City Council.

The school community can still register using the Registration Form, which can be accessed at

The price of tickets for sessions for the general public varies between 4€ and 10€ and can be purchased at the Sá de Miranda Municipal Theater Ticket Office and at Online Ticket Office.

Beatriz LiraAlto Minho TV, 27 Setember, 2023